We are Greek Food Mate

Our mission

To provide the world high-quality products. Our philosophy focuses on connecting Greek Producers with international Buyers and vice versa. We give the world the chance to taste and adopt high-quality products and be proud of it.

Indicative List of products:

Olives, Olive oil, Feta Cheese, Pasta, Pistachios, Rice, Peppers, Jams – Marmalades, Wine, Vinegars, Honey, Vegan Meat, Cookies, Organic Herbs, etc.

Connecting International Buyers with Greek suppliers

We can be your reliable partner as well as the missing link between yourself and the Greek producers. Based on your market needs, we search the Greek food industry finding the most relevant and suitable options for your needs. We focus on unique Greek products which will be the consumers’ first choice. We have already made […]

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Helping Greek Suppliers to reach International Buyers

After years of hard work, you have managed to create one of the best food products in your country. Even though your product performs great in the local market, you may struggle to get international exposure and get in touch with decision-makers in big wholesale businesses. That is because they are overwhelmed by hundreds of […]

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International Trading for Buyers

 If the Greek products don’t meet your expectations, we can collaborate with companies from all over the world, helping you finding the best solution for you. Our people can work on your request and have the knowledge to do it.

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Consulting Greek Producers

The world is open for your Business. We are here to help you set up and manage your exports department. Pre and after sales support, Export Documentation, finding new opportunities as well as targeting new markets are some of the new skills that we can bring to your team.

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Covering your needs within 48 hours

International Buyers We know that every day you are being pushed for new products or better prices… Let us help you on this. Simplify your business life. Don’t waste time and money. Press here and get your first information within 48 hours. Answer to the quick and simple questions below and help us to satisfy […]

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