Our Story

We are the first Sales and Marketing Agency in Greece. We provide a shared service to our clients, food manufacturers and food brands. These are services that manufacturers could do for themselves, but we can provide greater efficiency by specializing and providing them to many companies. By spreading these services across many clients, we can provide them at a lower cost than food manufacturers could by doing them themselves.

Our Mission

To feed the world with high-quality food products and help mankind live better by eating healthily. Join us!

Why us: If you are an International buyer

We can be your missing link between you and the Greek suppliers. Contacting us means that you are getting in touch with hundreds suppliers. We give you the chance to explore the Greek cuisine.

Why us: If you are a supplier

You gain immediate access to a lot of clients. We grow your business and expand your brand. Our experienced team can guide you in order to help you build up your own export department.