Greek Food Mate: Our mission

To feed the world with products of high-quality. Our philosophy focuses on connecting Greek producers with international customers and vice versa. We give the world the chance to meet and adopt high quality products and be proud of it.

International Buyers: Why us

International Buyers: We can be your reliable partner and the missing link between you and the Greek producers. Contacting us means that you are getting in touch with the thousands of the Greek producers.

Producers: Why us

Producers: You gain immediate access to the thousands of our Buyers. We will help you to introduce your products into new markets. Our experienced team can guide you in order to help you build up your own export department.

Indicative List of products

Olives, Olive oil, Feta Cheese, Pasta, Pistachios, Rice, Peppers, Jams – Marmalades, Wine, Vinegars, Honey, Vegan Meat, Cookies, Organic Herbs, etc.

Why Greek Products

Food production in Greece is followed by long history and tradition. Nowadays Greek food industries continue this great tradition by being able to offer high and unique quality products due to the very diverse microclimate and terrain.

International trading

Because we are focused towards meeting your expectations, we can also collaborate with suppliers around the world thus helping you to find the best suited solution for you. Our people can work on your request.

Consulting Producers

The world is open for your Business. We are here to help you set up and manage your exports department. Pre and after sales support, Export Documentation, finding new opportunities as well as targeting new markets are some of the new skills that we can bring to your team.